Artificial Turf on a rooftop

Rooftops & Decks

  • Low-maintenance
  • No more chemicals or pesticides
  • Protect your rooftop or deck surfaces

Nothing says upscale luxury like a rooftop patio with emerald grass that runs from edge to edge or artificial turf that transforms your deck.


Why should I install artificial turf?

An Innovative Solution

Rooftops can be a waste of space or an enchanting escape from the ordinary. They present challenges because they’re not typically equipped with the water and power resources found closer to the ground, and they often have protrusions like vents and air conditioning systems that present design challenges. Synthetic grass is an innovative solution that transforms rooftops into lush landscapes. They never require watering, mowing, or fertilization, yet they have the look and feel of real grass.

Create an Inviting Space

Cover your deck or patio with artificial turf to make an inviting outdoor living area that never needs staining or weather-proofing. The grass always looks more attractive than concrete, and it feels better underfoot than splintering deck wood. Get more outdoor living space with a choice that’s as easy on the environment as it is on your eyes. Plus, synthetic grass is great for entertaining because it brings people together and absorbs sound for long hours of cozy conversation.