• Provides traction when it’s wet
  • Cooler under bare feet
  • UV rays and moisture are not a threat

Enjoy more lounging, floating, and splashing and less maintenance with synthetic grass for your pool area.


Why invest in pool surrounds?

Fall in Love with Your Pool, again!

In the beginning, you envisioned long summer days floating, playing, splashing, and enjoying. But sometimes, you seem to spend more time fighting brown spots, replanting vegetation that didn’t make it last season, skimming blades of grass from your pool, and trying to keep your grass alive despite the constant foot traffic and sunlight. Synthetic turf installation will make you fall in love with your pool all over again because you can park your lawnmower and trade yard maintenance time for hour upon hour of pool time.

No Competing Chemicals

Maintaining regular grass often requires dousing it with pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. When that grass grows next to your swimming pool, those chemicals run into your pool water and are almost impossible to remove. The chemicals you use to keep your pool sparkling clean like chlorine or salt toxic to plants. Simply put, regular landscaping and your pool aren’t good for each other. Synthetic grass simplifies everything. Pool chemicals don’t harm it. It doesn’t require chemical treatment. Your pool and your grass look great and stay clean year-round.