Fort Worth Pet Turf


  • Easy cleanup—everything rinses away
  • Years of hassle-free enjoyment
  • Antimicrobial protection

Imagine how thrilled Fido would be with a synthetic grass petscape designed just for them. Eliminate yard issues and spend more time enjoying each other with our indoor and outdoor pet turf.


Why invest in pet turf?

Happier Pets

Your pet wants to run, fetch, jump, play, roll, and wiggle. However, sometimes when they do, it gets them in trouble for digging holes and making messes. With synthetic pet turf, they can have all of the fun and cause none of the damage. Urine never causes brown spots. They can’t dig holes. Plus, it’s springy underfoot for tender paws and aging joints.

Happier Owners

Pet owners want to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with their animals. Until recently, getting a nice pet area meant spending hours filling holes, mowing grass, edging concrete, and treating for pests. After synthetic turf installation, all of that becomes no longer necessary. Not only do you spend less time and money on lawn maintenance, but pet care is also easier too. Weedseeds can’t germinate, so you don’t have to remove stickers and yard debris from pet fur. Fleas and ticks are less likely to thrive, and rain doesn’t create muddy spots.