Enjoy more lounging, floating, and splashing with less mowing, weeding, and maintaining with synthetic grass for pool landscaping. Surround your aquatic outdoor spaces with the look and feel of a natural lawn at its very best.


Artificial turf provides traction, even when it’s wet. It’s also not as hot as concrete under bare feet.


Synthetic grass stands up to the hottest summer days. U.V. rays and frequent moisture are not a threat.

Superior Drainage

Where pool water might threaten live landscaping, it flows through synthetic grass for pool landscaping.

Artificial Grass Installation Around Pool

Fall In Love With Your Pool All Over Again

In the beginning, you envisioned long summer days floating, playing, splashing, and enjoying. But sometimes you seem to spend more time fighting brown spots, replanting vegetation that didn’t make it last season, skimming blades of grass from your pool, and trying to keep your grass alive despite the constant foot traffic and sunlight. 

Synthetic turf installation will make you fall in love with your pool all over again because you can park your lawnmower and trade yard maintenance time for hour upon hour of pool time.

Synthetic Grass for Pool Chemical Management

Maintaining regular grass often requires dousing it with pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. When that grass grows next to your swimming pool, those chemicals run into your pool water and are almost impossible to remove. The chemicals you use to keep your pool sparkling clean like chlorine or salt toxic to plants. Simply put, regular landscaping and your pool aren’t good for each other.

Synthetic grass simplifies everything. Pool chemicals don’t harm it. It doesn’t require chemical treatment. Your pool and your grass look great and stay clean year-round.

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Benefits of Installing Synthetic Grass Around Pool

  • No-skid surface improves safety
  • Cooler on bare feet than concrete or brick
  • U.V. stabilized for fade resistance
  • Invulnerable to chlorine contamination
  • Drought resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pest resistant
  • Kid and pet safe
  • Keeps mud and grass clippings out of the pool
  • Stays green year-round


We’re standing by to talk with you about synthetic grass installation around your pool. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to get in touch.

How does installing synthetic turf around a pool affect property value?

Curb appeal matters when you sell your home. Today’s buyer prefers homes that are low maintenance and environmentally friendly, but they also want a great looking yard. Synthetic turf installation improves property value because it provides all of the above.

How do you clean synthetic turf around a pool?

Use a leaf blower to remove leaves and light debris. Pick up solid pet messes and rinse away liquid ones. If other spills leave a stain, remove them with any gentle household cleaning product.

Will pool chemicals damage synthetic grass?

Absolutely not! Pool chemicals will have no effect on the look and feel of a synthetic turf pool surround. The same cannot be said of natural grass which over prolonged or sometimes minimal exposure to pool chemicals will turn brown or die off altogether.

What’s the cost of synthetic grass installation around a pool?

Pricing is based on square footage and the types of materials you choose. Synthetic grass installation is typically less expensive than laying stone or brick around a pool. We’re happy to provide free estimates at your site.

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