Eliminate dirty paws. Never fill another hole again. Stop worrying about dead patches, and give your dog the joy of an endless green play area with synthetic grass installation. You’re guaranteed to love this pet turf even more than your furry friend.

Easy Care

Solid waste sits on the surface for easy cleanup and everything else rinses away.


High-Quality synthetic grass provides years of hassle-free enjoyment.


Get antimicrobial protection without the need for chemicals or insecticides.

Artificial Pet Grass Makes You Both Happy

You Can Have A Nice Yard and A Dog

There’s nothing like watching your pet roll in the grass, race across the lawn after a frisbee or doze in the shade. But pets are messy, and regular grass is a lot of work even without the digging, hard-playing, and elimination needs that animals involved. Pet turf looks like natural grass, but it solves the headaches involved in keeping both pets and a lush green yard.

Pet Turf Means a Cleaner Dog

Our pet turf provides superior drainage, so mud never has a chance to get on paws. Weed seeds can’t germinate, so you never have to pick out stickers. Insects have no food source, so fleas and ticks can’t thrive. When your pet rolls in the grass, nothing clings to fur.

Pet Turf Means Reduced Maintenance

Our pet turf is designed specifically for pets using premium materials. They can’t dig, so you don’t have to worry about getting onto them for doing something instinctively, and you don’t spend any more time filling holes. Our pet turf needs no mowing, fertilizing, or watering, ever.

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Easy Clean, Extreme Durability

Dry messes sit on top, where they’re easy to see and easy to pick up. Use a leaf blower to quickly get rid of shedding. Turn the water hose on anything that needs to be rinsed away. Meanwhile, antimicrobial materials fight germs that can affect your dog’s health and happiness and high-quality materials provide long-term durability.

  • Flow-through protection
  • Excellent drainage
  • Won’t trap waste and odors
  • Durable and versatile
  • Cushioned support for paws and joints
  • Realistic looking appearance
  • Prevents digging and chewing
  • Pest resistant
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


We’re excited to visit with you about pet turf installation as a choice furry friends. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to get in touch.

Will my dog like pet turf?

Pet turf installation gives your animals a wide-open space for play that’s springy underfoot, provides excellent traction, and feels soft to even tender paws and aging joints. 

How do I choose the best synthetic pet turf?

The best type of synthetic pet turf offers antimicrobial protection, short pile height, and durability that protects against pet wear and tear. Drainage is also an important consideration for artificial grass. For pet turf applications one needs to select a turf that has increased drainage through the backing. Superior’ Pet Turf is designed with three times the amount of holes as other leading pet turf products. This design allows for a 121 inches per hour drain rate, essential for maintaining a clean and pet-friendly environment.  We can visit with you about your best options when you get in touch.

How do you clean pet turf after a dog?

Remove solids with your pooper scooper or baggie like you would at the park, then rinse away any remaining debris or urine.

Is pet turf okay for large breed dogs?

Even Great Danes love pet turf because it provides an unobstructed surface for play. Their owners love it too, because it’s more durable than live grass when exposed to active, large breeds.

How does synthetic turf stop digging?

Dogs can’t get through pet turf to the ground beneath. They view it as a solid surface, so they rarely try. If they do, even large dogs will find it impossible to tunnel through.

Does pet turf get too hot during the summer?

Use of the correct infill for your pet turf can dramatically lower the surface temperature during the hottest months of summer while exposed to prolonged sunlight. This will help ensure a comfortable environment for your pet.

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