Maintaining Artificial Grass

Congratulations on making the excellent choice to switch from high maintenance, expensive sod, to the low maintenance, healthy, safe and enjoyable artificial grass experience.

Artificial grass is low maintenance, but there are some key tips to ensuring your new outdoor space is always looking its best.

Care Tips

Artificial grass is highly durable, UV resistant, and chemical resistant. Environmental factors such as foot traffic, pets, nearby trees, and time a year will determine how often you need to clean and freshen up your yard.

Below are some general care recommendations:

Use a leaf blower to remove surface debris such as fallen leaves and twigs.

To freshen up high traffic areas where grass becomes matted, use a stiff nylon broom and push against the grain of the blades. DO NOT use lawn rakes.

Avoid placing heavy objects such as planters, furniture or portable swimming pools on synthetic turf for prolonged periods of time.

For synthetic yards with pets, you must regularly use an enzymatic cleaner such as TurFresh. We recommend that you purchase an enzymatic cleaner that has a garden hose attachment for easy disinfecting and periodic maintenance.

Check your infill annually and top up as needed. Infill will erode over time and especially after heavy rains. Keeping the proper amount of infill will help keep your lawn looking great and if you have pets the proper amount of infill will greatly assist in odor control. Need some help? We’re here to monitor and top up your infill as needed.

Make a habit to monitor the seams of your synthetic grass (we’ll teach you how to do this!). Contact us immediately to help repair any seams that begin to separate. When caught early, seaming issues are relatively easy and low cost repairs.

If you are doing any below-ground repairs (e.g. buried cables, pipes, or irrigation systems) on your property, be sure to include us in those conversations to minimize damage to your installation.

NEVER drive a vehicle over a synthetic grass installation.

Be careful with fire pits, backyard grills, portable heaters or open flames near synthetic grass. While synthetic grass meets all required fire standards, fire pits or heat sources on artificial grass may cause damage.

Maintenance for synthetic turf in Fort Worth

Would you prefer to make your low-maintenance yard even lower maintenance?

Check out our Maintenance Program!

Superior Synthetic Grass & Turf offers a variety of maintenance services from a one-time refresh to ensure your outdoor space is spruced up for parties, to a monthly or quarterly subscription service great for yards with active pets. Contact us for pricing, availability, and a complete list of the services we offer.