Learn More About Artificial Grass in Fort Worth, TX

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What are the benefits of installing synthetic turf?

Synthetic turf is environmentally friendly because it saves water and requires no pesticide or chemical treatment. It saves time and money because it’s so low maintenance. Artificial grass in Fort Worth, TX is also extremely versatile, so it’s a great choice for a huge range of applications.

Isn’t synthetic grass just for sports facilities?

Synthetic grass is an excellent choice for athletic surfaces, but it also has become a trendy choice for front and back lawns, children’s play areas, dog runs, commercial common areas, backyard putting greens, and anywhere else people want an easy-care solution with the look of healthy green grass.

Cleaning and repairs should be addressed based on the findings of the tank inspection. Additional inspections between maintenance intervals are encouraged.

Does synthetic turf look fake when you use it for residential lawns?

No, it looks incredibly realistic thanks to incredible manufacturing innovations. If you take a cross-section from real grass and look at it from the side, you’ll see a layer of brown shoots near the roots of that grass. It’s called thatch, and it’s part of what makes real grass look the way it does. Our top-quality residential turf includes artificial thatch so it looks incredibly realistic. We also offer a variety of residential turf colors and grass blade shapes so you can choose the one that looks and feels the best for you.

A visual inspection is exactly what it sounds like: a careful, thorough review with the naked eye of every single part of an asset.

In many instances, a drone inspection will be a visual inspection, with the drone’s camera acting as the inspector’s eyes. Using a drone, visual data is collected and then reviewed in detail later by the inspector (some review is done on the spot, too, but the thorough inspection after data is collected represents the bulk of the visual inspection work).

What’s involved in synthetic grass maintenance or synthetic turf maintenance?

If something gets on your synthetic turf, just rinse it off with a water hose. Leaves, pet hair, and other accumulated debris are easy to remove with a leaf blower. Synthetic turf is stain resistant, but if one does appear, just use a mild household cleaner to remove it. 

What does synthetic grass installation cost?

That depends on the square footage of the area you want to cover and the type of synthetic turf you need. We’re happy to provide a no-obligation quote when you get in touch.