How much would it up your game to play on a consistent, pristine surface every single time? How much more would you enjoy your golf course or putting green if you no longer had to worry about maintenance, water, or mowing to get the look of well-manicured grass? With synthetic turf, you can have it all.

Practice Greens

Get the realistic performance of a natural surface with a synthetic grass practice green.

Driving Range & Hitting Mats

Synthetic turf golf course solutions deliver consistent hitting surfaces that hold up to frequent use.

Synthetic Turf Golf Greens

Natural look and feel, consistent performance, low-maintenance no matter what your weather.

Artificial Grass for Better Golf Courses

Synthetic Turf for Golf Courses

Avid golfers are always looking for a way to improve their skills, but they don’t always have time to go to the golf course or driving range. There’s perhaps no greater pleasure than being able to hone your abilities and enjoy the game you love in your own back yard. 

We offer synthetic turf for residential golf greens that look like natural grass with a fraction of the headache. Our proven installation methods enable us to deliver greens that provide a smooth roll for practice putting, allow the ball to roll at a true and even pace, even hold a shot as you’d experience with traditional bentgrass green. Plus, they require almost no maintenance, so you can spend every available minute perfecting your short game.


  • Short Game Greens
  • Outdoor Putting Greens
  • Backyard Practice Greens
  • Backyard Golf Courses

Synthetic Turf Golf Course Solutions

Our short game practice greens stand up to even heavy traffic. They drain quickly, so they’re extremely weather-resistant. Perhaps most importantly, they provide a smooth, consistent surface for every game, every player, every time. 

Our putting courses provide a fun activity that’s accessible for all ages and skill levels. They’re a great looking addition for underutilized areas of your property like courtyards, common areas, and rooftops. We can help you design a standalone putting course or incorporate one into existing landscaping at your hotel, resort, retail complex, or other facilities.

Make your driving range maintenance-free with synthetic turf tee lines. You’ll never have to mow, fertilize, water, or treat for pests. Guests are never inconvenienced by downtime because of mud or maintenance needs. Your facility gets a clean, streamlined appearance that lasts year after year.


  • Synthetic Turf Golf Solution Design
  • Full Line of Commercial Grade Synthetic Turf Golf Products
  • Realistic Performance Indistinguishable from Natural Grass
  • Suitable for Practice Centers, Training Facilities and More


We’re here to answer your questions about synthetic turf golf course solutions. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to send us a message.

Will practicing on a synthetic putting green really improve my game?

Yes! Practice really does make perfect, if you’re practicing on a surface that mimics conditions on the golf course. Our synthetic putting greens give you the same performance and feel of natural grass play so as you practice, your skills improve.

What makes synthetic turf golf course solutions better than regular grass?

They’re low maintenance and they hold up better to consistent play. A synthetic putting green or synthetic practice green never has to be mowed. You’ll save on watering year after year. It doesn’t attract pests or grow weeds so you don’t have to fertilize or spray pesticides. They’re also designed to withstand years of consistent play.

Do your synthetic golf course solutions look like fake grass?

We install superior quality synthetic turf that looks and feels like real grass. The only big difference is your artificial putting green won’t develop brown spots or dead areas in times of drought, and it won’t get muddy when it rains.

Are synthetic golf course solutions only for outdoor use?

No, we offer solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications in residential and commercial buildings.

How long does a synthetic putting green last?

Like anything else, that depends on the quality of what you buy and how you use it. We install top quality materials with UV stabilized fibers designed to hold up against year-round weather and consistent play.

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