Help athletes achieve their best literally from the ground up with fitness turf and athletic complex turf. Our synthetic turf solutions are budget-friendly, durable, and consistently high-performing. Plus we carry a huge collection with options that make any facility shine.

Track Surfacing

Durable running tracks and walking tracks for gyms, stadiums, athletic facilities, and sports fields.

Stadium Turf

Artificial football turf, synthetic soccer turf, high-quality synthetic baseball fields, and other high-performance surfaces.

Fitness Facilities

Indoor and outdoor athletic turf for gym flooring, agility training, indoor tracks, and more.

Synthetic Grass for Fitness

Superior Stadium Turf

Get the premium-performance, low-maintenance solution for your football field, baseball field, soccer field, or running track. We offer the latest innovations in synthetic turf trusted by facilities across the United States.

Athletes get a dependable surface that protects joints, cushions impact, and delivers stability whether it’s wet or dry. Fans rave over an aesthetically pleasing stadium that makes them feel even more proud to come to support their team. Facility owners receive an unbeatable return on their investment with low-maintenance athletic complex turf that holds up under heavy foot traffic year after year.

Top of the Line Gym Turf

Fitness facility owners can stand out in an extremely competitive market with gym turf installation on facility floors, in weight-lifting areas, on outdoor patios, and in spaces dedicated to agility turf training. Provide members with key ingredients for success because our gym turf does the following:


  • Cushions joints to prevent injury
  • Provides give for added resistance
  • Simulates outdoor field conditions
  • Easy to clean
  • Performs consistently over time
  • Battle rope and sled friendly

Other Fitness Turf Applications

Educational and specialized athletic facilities choose synthetic grass installations for a number of fitness and wellness applications. It’s becoming a leading solution for:


  • Employee wellness centers
  • School indoor and outdoor athletic facilities
  • Extreme sport facilities
  • Rooftop walking tracks and tennis courts
  • Indoor rock climbing areas
  • Apartment and hotel fitness centers
  • Municipal athletic complexes


We’re standing by to visit with you about athletic complex turf or fitness turf. If you don’t see your question answered here, feel free to get in touch.

How do I choose the best athletic complex turf for my facility?

We carry a wide range of options. The best athletic complex turf for your facility depends primarily on how you’ll use the space. We carry fitness turf developed specifically for football fields, baseball fields, running tracks, soccer, and other types of fitness turf. When you get in touch, we can help you identify the type of synthetic turf installation that best fits your needs and budget.

How durable is athletic complex turf?

Correctly installed high-quality synthetic turf is much more durable than grass. Even with heavy traffic, it won’t develop bald spots. It also provides excellent drainage, so no puddles form and no depressions develop that might interfere with play. 

What do your athletic complex turf installation services include?

We specialize in synthetic and artificial turf installation. We’ll provide a free on-site evaluation and use that to create a custom design once your proposal is approved. Then, our expert team handles every aspect of your athletic complex turf installation. We’ll also equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to maintain your turf and extend its lifespan.

Is athletic complex turf good for athletic performance?

Yes. The consistent, slip-resistant turf delivers dependability so your athletes can give 100 percent year-round during training and sports events.

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