Trade a lackluster lawn for impeccable landscaping that stays green every day of the year. Install a rooftop garden at your hotel, resort, apartment complex, or restaurant. Give athletes the foundation for top performance. Keep children safer at your playground. It’s all possible with synthetic turf installation.

Commercial Lawns

Experience incredibly low maintenance and amplified curb appeal with commercial turf installation.

Athletic Complex Turf

Improve appearance and performance at football, soccer, and baseball fields, running tracks, and gyms.

Parks and Playgrounds

Make public spaces safer for recreation and more aesthetically appealing while reducing long-term maintenance.

Commercial Lawn Installation

Choose synthetic grass installation outside your business, hotel, retail center, or other facilities for instant curb appeal. Show your public commitment to the environment while at the same time avoiding the need for watering and chemical treatment. Commercial lawn installation is perfect even for areas grass won’t thrive.

Commercial Turf for Rooftop

Little-used rooftop space becomes one of your property’s top amenities after commercial turf installation. Get a rooftop putting green, landscaped terrace, apartment complex common space, or elevated entertaining area that needs little maintenance and can be enjoyed year-round.

Athletic Complex Turf

Top-notch athletic performance requires a dependable, no-slip surface. We offer premium performance surfaces for football stadiums, baseball fields, soccer fields, running tracks, gyms, and other fitness facilities. Our athletic complex turf is low-maintenance and incredibly durable.

Synthetic Playground Turf

Safety is top priority when space is designed for children. Synthetic playground turf is safer and stays cleaner than mulch, gravel, or other loose fill. It doesn’t need treatment with chemicals or toxins. Also, it holds up year after year to exuberant play, and we offer a broad range of color choices.

Synthetic Grass for Parks and Public Spaces

Bring people together with parks and public spaces that are as beautiful as they are low maintenance. Offer community members a connection to nature with the look of real grass or design a whimsical space in unexpected colors. Save on groundskeeping costs for the life of your synthetic grass.

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4 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Does Great in Rainy Weather

4 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Does Great in Rainy Weather

In Fort Worth, Texas we have a love-hate relationship with rainy weather. On the one hand, sometimes we beg for the rain! However, after years of drought, we are painfully aware of the problems that can be caused when there isn’t enough water. Smart and concerned property owners have stepped up, many replacing their water-greedy natural grass lawns with artificial turf. But what happens when it rains or when it pours so much we start to see flooding? As much as we’re happy to see rain from the sky, rain can often create problems.