Commercial Lawns

  • Raises curb appeal
  • Holds up to heavy foot traffic
  • Eco-friendly solution

Give your property a well-tended appearance with our low-maintenance, cost-effective solution that looks and feels like the real thing.


Why invest in synthetic grass?

Enhance Appearance

Lawn landscaping around a commercial property increases curb appeal and market value. However, live landscaping requires continual maintenance and the expense and trouble of tending it never ends. Synthetic grass gives your commercial property a sharp green perimeter and enviable curb appeal 365 days of the year.

Less Money, Less Maintainance

With real grass, you have the initial expense of installing it and putting in a sprinkler system. Then you face ongoing expenses like paying landscaping and mowing staff, applying fertilizer, and treating for pests. Depending on the size of your commercial lawn, you might also have to pay for hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every year to keep it green. Commercial synthetic lawns don’t need water, fertilizer, pesticides, or mowing. Invest the money you save in business growth instead.