6 Important Questions to Ask Before Settling for An Artificial Installation Company

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The demand for artificial grass in the U.S. continues to grow at a rapid pace. More homeowners are looking for low maintenance lawns perfect for their children and furry friends. Artificial turf can help you save time, money, and water while still sprucing up your landscape.

The increasing demand has led to the establishment of many artificial grass companies looking to tap into the expanding market. How will you separate the wheat from the chaff in your quest for a reputable synthetic turf installer? Here are six questions that can guide you in the selection process.

1. What Are Their Professional Credentials?

Professional artificial turf installation is an art. You need to find experts that have an active license and can prove their qualification and experience in synthetic grass installations. How long have they been in business? How many projects have they completed? Check whether they are members of any industry-related professional organizations.

2. What Types of Artificial Turf Are Available?

There are different varieties of synthetic grass available for your lawn. You might need to determine your exact needs for the turf. Do you require artificial grass for a children’s play area? Or perhaps you need a pet turf? Does the company have grass samples to show you? The experts should clearly explain the differences between each grass type and point you towards the best choice for your needs.

3. Does the Company Have a Portfolio?

Your artificial grass installation is only as good as those that install it. It is important to see evidence of previously completed work. Reputable fake grass companies have impressive portfolios, with before and after pictures of previous installations. Check whether the quality of work meets your standards. You can also ask for references to past clients. The testimonials and reviews can help you answer questions regarding the installation process, customer satisfaction, and after-sale support.

4. How Will They Carry Out the Installation?

Understanding the installation process allows you to set realistic expectations of the outcome. The methods vary significantly from one contractor to another, with each installation dependent on the existing circumstances. The approach may be different on concrete, deck space, or existing lawns. Inquire on how long the process might take. It allows you to schedule enough time for the installation of the artificial turf.

5. Do They Provide Any Guarantees?

The synthetic turf color can last between ten to fifteen years. For your peace of mind, discuss at length with your installation company about their guarantee and warranty policies. What terms are present in the agreement? Most artificial grass companies will provide a five-year guarantee for their services.

6. Can They Provide a Written Quotation for the Work?

The installers should be comfortable providing a detailed estimate for their services. The costs may vary depending on the square feet of your lawn and the type of grass you choose. After a quick inspection of your home, the contractor can draft a written quotation with a full breakdown of the work and costs. Compare different quotes from multiple contractors before settling on the best artificial grass company.

Artificial turf for your lawn can help you save time and eliminate costs associated with natural grass lawn care. Superior Synthetic Grass and Turf can install a great-looking green space through artificial grass installations.