Superior Base

Application: Commercial, Residential
Product Type: Upgraded Base
Warranty: 15 Year Manufacturer
Price Classification: $$$$

The Superior Base is the ultimate add-on to your turf solution. Installed under your turf, Superior Base has many benefits both long and short term. Made of interlocking panels that are a blend of recycled post industrial polymetric material, Superior Base allows for a safer play area, improved drainage and a longer-lasting turf solution!


Why Choose Superior UltraBase?

Smoother, Safer Playing Areas

Superior Base is a better impact-absorbing surface which means those falls from the swing set won't be as hard. Speaking of swing sets, Superior Base is great for heavy weight items without shifting your infill over time. The static load capacity for the weakest location of the panel is equivalent to 374 psi.

Better Install Process

With Superior Base, we don't have to dig as deep in your yard to install your turf. This means a shorter install and less interruption of the enjoyment of your lawn!

Improved Drainage

Superior Base has both vertical and horizontal drainage systems which means you have less pooling water and a cleaner turf surface.

Longer Lasting

Due to its stability, the Superior Base gives your turf install a longer lifecycle with minimal maintenance. Plus, its about the same price as regular infill.