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Three Reasons to Choose Superior

We get it. There are many options when choosing a Synthetic Turf partner, here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Superior.

Never Worry About Who's In Your Backyard

All of our employees go through extensive background checks and training before they can be a part of the team. Our employees treat your property like their own property because we value relationships.

Never Worry About What Is In Your Backyard

All of the materials we use are non-toxic and lead-free, keeping you, your loved ones and the environment safe. Additionally, all of our equipment is owned by Superior and inspected daily to ensure safety.

Never Worry About Shoddy Workmanship

We believe synthetic grass should be a one-time purchase. What you don't see in the subbase preparation is what ultimately determines the longevity of your install. We treat every customer's home as if it were our own and all of our products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Your premier choice for custom synthetic grass & turf services for backyards, putting greens, sports turf and more.

Going Beyond Turf

We design complete outdoor solutions. From light landscaping to pavers, we want you to find JOY in your outdoor oasis.


What is Under Your Turf Matters


After removing 4”-6” of native soil and achieving a proper final grade, the first layer of our system is comprised of either weed fabric or non-permeable geo textile liner. Weed fabric will help prevent weeds from sprouting through your turf while a non-permeable geo textile will help move water to a vertical drain system.


To provide a permeable, compact foundation for your turf, we use commercial grade, washed aggregate drain rock. We layer in 2” lifts compacting to achieve a minimum base compaction rate of 80%. Proper grading is essential in this step to ensure water flows away from any structures and follows an intentional drainage plan.


Next, we import a layer of fines to create a smooth finish and eliminate any imperfections of the base. These fines can range from crushed concrete to limestone dust. This is a critical step when installing putting greens. Uneven surfaces on greens will negatively impact playability resulting in a poor user experience. The fines are again compacted to maintain the overall minimum compaction rate of 80% for the base.


Now that a solid, permeable foundation has been laid, the star of the show, the synthetic turf is rolled out and secured to a pressure treated nailer board, creating a system that can withstand the wear and tear of even the most active dogs and kids. Turf rolls are seamed together using high performance adhesives and 12” seaming tape tested to withstand exposure to the intense Texas sun.


The final step of install infill. Proper infilling of artificial turf requires the turf to first be power broomed to untangle the blades and allow infill to reach the thatch layer of the turf. After power broomiing, infill is methodically layered in at approximately 2-3lbs per sf depending on blade height. We use an anti-microbial acrylic coated silica sand for most residential applications. Correctly infilling artificial turf will help increase the longevity, usability, and aesthetic quality of the system.

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Not only did they do an incredible job with the turf installation, but they also went the extra mile by making sure the infill would be appropriate for my dog, pulling out and resetting my fence, and working with my irrigation system to adjust for the turf.

Logan G. — Homeowner

I surprised my husband by having a putting green installed for Christmas. He absolutely loves it and it looks fabulous. The whole crew was great to work with and we could not be more pleased.

Donna S. — Homeowner

We used Superior Synthetic Grass & Turf for our backyard and are extremely pleased with our experience as well as the quality of the job and turf. From the beginning, we felt valued as a customer.

Taylor S. — Homeowner